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Welcome to the Trulli La Ginestra Blog!

Welcome to the  Trulli La Ginestra international web site. We are a Trulli Guest House situated in the hearth of Itria Valley, in the hearth of  Puglia, in the south of Italy.

This is our international blog where, from now on, you will find relevant information about the incredible and awesome world of Trulli as well as the most marvelous Puglia experiences.

In this respect, if you are good with Italian or if you want to practice Italian, we have also an Italian Web Site. It’s www.trullilaginestra.com. In its blog you will find all the information and stories in Italian.

So, you have nearly 2 options to reach us, get in touch with us, book your stay at Trulli La Ginestra and live the authentic Trulli experience.

For now, that’s all! We will back soon with new information and stories! Stay tuned!

Thanks for landing on this blog, post soon, have a great day!

Trulli La Ginestra
T. 00393289251290
E.mail: info@trullilaginestra.com
Address: Contrada Cicerone, Ostuni, Puglia.

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