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“Trulli La Ginestra” is on Facebook!

Hi all, guys, here we are again and welcome back to our blog!

As you will know, Trulli La Ginestra has a strong digital presence.

In the previous posts, we have started informing you regarding some of our social media pages such as the Twitter page and Linkedin page.

Today, we are happy to share with you info regarding another great channel. Probably the most important one for us. Our Facebook page. The official page of Trulli La Ginestra.

Here at Trulli La Ginestra, we are great Facebookers. Are you?

At the moment, we hit 300 fans. They are all interested in and keen to receive our updates about what it means visiting Puglia as well as about the world of Trulli.

We do hope to catch you there also. We will be very happy to converse and interact with you.

As usual, said that, let us say: thanks for following our blog, post to you soon and let’s catch up on facebook!

To book your sojourn with La Ginestra and live the authentic Trulli experience, find the contacts below.

Trulli La Ginestra
Info Line: T. 00393289251290
E.mail: info@trullilaginestra.com

Trulli La Ginestra is a group of recently and finely renowned Trulli situated in the marvelous scenario of Itria Valley, next to Ostuni and not so far from the towns of Alberobello, Fasano, Martina Franca and Cisternino.

Our holiday home is the right solution for long and short stays. Our offer is not so different from the ones of a traditional B&B or hotel.

If you are good with the Italian language, please visit our Italian web site Trulli La Ginestra

Trulli La Ginestra is on Linkedin

Hi hello, welcome back again to the Trulli La Ginestra blog!

Here we are today to let you know on one of our social media channels where you can reach us and interact with us.

This time it’s the turn of our Linkedin Page.

From now on, you can follow our page and start interacting with us on the world of Trulli and the marvelous Puglia experiences!

We all know that Linkedin is more about business relationships but we think that even professionals and business people can be interested in getting more about a different way of living their holidays.

Before letting you go, let us remember also of our Twitter account. 🙂

Said that, let us say: thanks for following our blog, post you soon and let’s link in!

Trulli La Ginestra
T. 00393289251290
E.mail: info@trullilaginestra.com
Address: Contrada Cicerone, Ostuni, Puglia.

Italian web site Trulli La Ginestra